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I believe Life insurance is the
greatest preventer of poverty...
I would strongly suggest to get your
life insured before you become
uninsurable or it's too late.
Calculate how much Life
you may need for
yourself, your family and/or
your business.
STEP 1; Request a free quote
STEP 2: Review the plan
STEP 3: Apply for coverage
Term Life Insurance is an ideal plan to pay-off the mortgage balance or to help in future rents, to protect
your business, to pay for outstanding Federal or State Tax, to have finance for your kid's future
education, to leave cash for your loved ones to pay-off current and future credit obligations, to pay for
your final expenses and to provide for your surviving spouse to retire financially secured.

We spend, every month, each year, hundreds and thousands of dollars on cars, pizzas, parties, auto
insurance, cell phones, movies, furniture, homes, flat screen TV’s, and the list goes on.

A few dollars a day to spend on your loved ones’ financial security need not “to be reviewed” or “I will
think about it” or “I can’t afford it now.” Not having any or enough life insurance could be more costly to
your family than what you can afford now.

When you apply for Term Life Insurance, for a little extra premium, you may have two additional options
available (depending on age and insurance company's underwriting guidelines).

Option 1:
Return of Premium (ROP).

In this option, you get all the premiums you've paid at the end of the policy term, provided you outlive the

It's just like renting a property for specific years, and once you do not want to rent anymore, your
landlord returns you all the rent you paid in past years.

Option 2:
No Medical Exam (Non-Med).

In this option, you will not be required to provide a medical exam to get covered.

It's ideal for those people who would not like to have medical test, do not like needles, do not like to give
blood test, urine test, and other tests as may required in underwriting.

Just answer few health questions.

The process in this type of insurance is much faster than the regular one. Ages up to 95, term of 5-30
years, coverage amount $50,000-$350,000. $500,000 coverage amount available with 15-40 years of
term (mortgage required).
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